EMS is a web-based software is education management software that lets you handle your management needs. Enquiry Information can be handled by this app, all details of students such as academics as well, payment details, faculty details, with demonstrated efficiency in a clear and user-friendly way. It also provides reliable reporting in a simple and smart way for all your needed data for education management.

EduDigitas – Where Learning Begins

Edudigitas – Edudigitas is an education management system designed to automate the education system in digital way and also automated process from initial phase of student admission to examination process, course management to schedule management,, from salary management to transport management.

Edudigitas is education software system which is developed as integrated and robust software which helps day -to-day operations.

Why EduDigitas

  1. Go Digital- In this digital age, most things have gone online, from banking to education. Thus how could the management of any education system be deprived of incorporation of smart technology
  2. Reliable management- There are many administrative tasks with the school, which can be carried out efficiently and in a hassle-free way using a reliable education management system.

  3. Streamlined Process- It not only ensures a smooth online admission process, the payment of fees, the sending of messages to the school authorities concerned and other school processes

  4. End of Pen-Paper-pen-paper job often cuts down and makes the activities less time-consuming.

  5. Integrated Technology- Integrating smart technology that makes the school system competitive by supplying parents and employees with mobile apps also helps to stand out in the education domain.
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What We Offer

Education management software is web based software which helps you to manage your management needs. This software is capable of managing Enquiry Details, Students all details like academic also, Payment details, faculty details, with proven efficiency in easy and user friendly way. It also provides accurate report for all your required data for managing institute in easy and smart way .

Benefits Of EduDigitas

Parents Communication

 Parents do not need to hurry to school now for any important details and other time-consuming procedures such as admission requests, a student progress report, or fee management. With just a click on a single platform, all necessary procedures could be readily accessible.Keep the parents updated with the latest details from the ward. Each and every school and ward update could easily be accessed using EduDigitas

Speed up of learning for students

In various supported formats, students could easily check the syllabus for evaluations and check and even submit homework and assignments. Students can also easily apply requests to leaves using the program .This software allows students to view other important details like attendance, circular, or timetable.

Admin for smooth administration process

 Now it is possible to carry out these complex and time-consuming everyday administrative procedures in a trouble-free manner. The school authority concerned is able to use an interactive graphical dashboard representation to access the information. This enables high officials such as the Principal to access collected data on full student attendance and staff attendance, also payment details as well. In addition, the option to display admissions in the form of graphical representation is also available.  

Teachers for reduced workload

Teachers will now be able to quickly evaluate the entire class or the output of individual students.The highlight is that it guarantees error-free lesson planning to increase the pace of learning to the next degree.

      Teachers can easily access the necessary student details, such as contact information for parents, blood type, or any other required information, whenever required, among other student data. In addition to the option of marking the student’s attendance, teachers can easily communicate with parents.

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