Features and Services

Admission management


  • Admission Enquiry
  • Admission Form
  • Converting inquiry into confirmation
  • Configurable with website for online admission
  • Follow up details
  • Reports

Admission is a process of student enrolment it involves a lot of related processes such as form fill up, fees details, fee submission, instalment choices and discounts. This software is developed considering all such possibilities in mind. This software includes all built-in modules for student enrolment as per course and fee details, and also as par discounts offered. Options available with this software to create for pre-performed instalment, also with variable pricing and lump sum payment choices. Also includes an option for SMS notifications for students/parents. Also you can keep here already generated template for printable admission form to use for offline records.

Enquiry Management

  • Students complete profile with photograph 
  • Parent and guardian detail
  • Documents uploading facility
  • Brochures of school info and course detail
  • ID card generation
  • Report Generation

Using this software you can collect and store data of students as personal details, contacts and as per course enquiry. Categorise this details on basis of how they connected means through email, whatsapp, social media or phone call, or direct walk-ins. This software allows you to track and monitor information of enquiry by creating reports, and also use filters for reports. Course wise details like brochures, presentation also shared with students and their parents at the time of inquiry through mails.

Fees Management

  • Advanced configuration of payments for various types of fees with deposit
  • Wise Concession/Addition by Student
  • Configuration of multi receipt book
  • Generation of the auto fee receipt
  • Auto SMS for dues and reminders
  • Reports

Main part for the education institute is to manage payment gateways. We developed a smart module for fee management. It gives you flexibility in predefining various payment packages for each course and ability to choose discounts or premiums charged. You can set various options of Fee instalments per package.

Attendance Management

  • Day wise Attendance
  • Automatic calculation of leaves
  • Daily/Monthly/annual records of attendance
  • Attendance total
  • Attendance percentage
  • Warning SMS to absentees

Maintains a timely and reliable record of student attendance. This module is also available for the student dashboard, from which the reasons of absences can be cited. The Attendance Management System lets managers enforce fines for absences and late arrivals. They are entitled to sit in the review on the basis of the attendance percentage of students.The successful contact between students, teachers, and parents by keeping them updated via email or SMS of the attendance of their wards.

Transport Management

  • Maintain bus route
  • Maintain vehicle details
  • Maintain driver details
  • SMS to parents about pick up and drop reports

In terms of maintaining vehicle information, vehicle documents, student details, support staff details, arrival and departure times, route details, live monitoring and transport staff details, and so on, the admin office allows the transport force owned by schools, colleges, institutes, etc. to be effectively controlled.

Library Management

  • Manage Book issue and return data
  • Manage fine and dues related to book return
  • Manage books inventory
  • Manage library card details

This provides teachers, students and librarians with a total solution. This helps to keep books written and books accessible in the library. This allows readers, without visiting the library, to look for a book. Students and workers can reserve the book using the web or smartphone application from anywhere. Quick monitoring and notification makes it easy for librarians to handle the issuance and return of of book.

Hostel Management

  • Room Details and Charges
  • Room allocation information
  • Multiple reports
  • Total featured accommodation system for the efficient management of the whole university residential facility. Keep the students’ updated records, their food, housing, transfer room, and other services. This hostel management system tracks attendance, disciplinary logs, room charge status, and check-in check-out on hostel premises. The program assigns rooms to registered students.

Human Resources

  • Employee management from recruiting to retirement
  • Basic, personal, work, legal & contact details of the system
  • Facility for bulk data upload
  • Inbuilt ID card for employees
  • Comprehensive report for workers

In schools, human resource management contributes to the start and operation of a school. It helps to make the best use of human capital at school. The principal, students, business workers may be the main individuals. Therefore, in schools, human resources are very important to focus on.


  • Schedule exams
  • Combine Test and Converter Marks
  • Fully user-defined  inbuilt design mark-sheet generator
  • Statistical, graphical & graphical
  • Alert for exams to students and parents
  • Publish result
  • Report card generation
  • Certificate generation with customized design


Automation and streamlining tasks for exams go hand in hand with apps for colleges. In various formats, teachers can design different ability development assessments and interact with students to inspire them to push their limits. It helps educators to dive deeper into overall academic growth, greater involvement of students, and faster procedures. And the best part is, this is done online.


Front Office

  • Log of visitors
  • Check-in check-out entry for visitors
  • Detail of intent and reference staff
  • Courier or posting details

It controls the visitor’s contact and keeps track of it. This module allows guests to be handled by the front office executive and offers assistance. This module also allows for the sale of prospectuses, admission documents, the issuance of certificates, letters and early departure student track records.This module helps the executive of the front office to handle guest information and provide assistance to them. The Front-Office Reception module also performs activities such as setting up notifications for routed meetings, events, contacts, appointments, incoming and outgoing calls.

Mobile application

Unique Features-

  1. Roll-Based Login
  2. Download from store
  3. All file formats supported
  4. Alerts for SMS and notification
  5. Quick and Secure
  6. Updates available 

Online payment gateway(integration)

Online payment gateway(integration) Safe and easy transfer through bank accounts , credit or debit cards, prepaid cards and e- wallets.

User friendly payment option Integrated and customizable gateway system Centralized system for online payment for management


Being instantaneous, safe and easy, users transfer easily through bank accounts, credit or debit cards, prepaid cards and e-Wallets to the digital alternative for various payment choices. 

With Internet payments increasing in recent times as one of the most user-friendly payment options, it is also in high demand for parents to make online payment for the school fee of their ward Also the payment system will be integrated and customizable.

Website development

  • With Front CMS module in System to directly update website
  • Change Content anytime
  • Responsive design
  • User friendly design
  • Does not require professional developer to update content
  • Customizable server storage(cloud based available)
  • Easy Navigation
  • Better User experience


Technical support(24*7)

We aspire to provide excellent service for our clients through our professional experience, combined with a deep respect for your target audience. By offering seamless technical assistance, we offer end-to-end support services for clients and provide superior customer experience.

Customisable Software

 EduDigitas offers customization services to suit your needs if your company has specific functional or technological requirements not already fulfilled by EduDigiitas-EMS. In order to create a personalized solution for your unique needs, our team works closely with you.

Online renewal of software (with upi id) and Upgrade

With the enhancement of existing features, the introduction of updates, and the inclusion of new functionality, each update offers performance improvements. Daily updates/upgrades often ensure that the hardware and software platforms are consistent with the software.